X-Tra Focus on Functions and Disorders of the Hormonal System

All human beings experience daily problems with their hormones. There is not a single cell in our body that does not have a receptor site for our hormones. Without these tiny chemical messengers that are secreted by the endocrine glands, our body processes which regulate our digestion, sexuality and the workings of our heart, liver and kidneys etc. will experience stress. This will disturb their required functions and ultimately result in the development of various disorders.

This course will cover hormonal disorders in a broader outlook, aiming to provide a vast learning experience and new perspective to the way our hormones function. Focusing on how hormones affect multiple systems and linking them with ancient Chinese meridians, this course will provide you the tools to identify and understand the appearance, as well as causes of disorders that have become so common in the majority of our modern societies.

A very interesting and informative course that should not be missed!

Specific learning outcomes

On completion of this course, the participants will be able to relate to:

  • Hormones are derived from the essential fatty acids, vitamins, mineral and amino acids obtained from our food
  • The importance of homeostasis
  • The Five Elements relate to receiving, digesting, processing, transforming and creating Chi (electrolytes that are controlled by hormones)
  • Summary of the 12 meridians
  • Some individual meridians: The Triple Burner
  • The Four Meridians linked to the Fire Element
  • The Triple Burner with a new analogy
  • The pathway of the Triple Burner overlapping with the pituitary gland and hypothalamus
  • Understanding the concept of the upper, middle and lower burner
  • Meridian connections to the thyroid
  • Common thyroid disorders
  • Assessments of meridians and reflexes related to the thyroid
  • Meridian connected to the parathyroid
  • The Kidney and Bladder meridians – “the spark of life”
  • The spark of life and our reproductive organs
  • The calcium connection
  • The overlap of reproductive reflexes with the kidney and the bladder meridians
  • Our reproductive systems – the lower burner
  • Cholesterol and our hormones
  • Disorders of the reproductive systems
  • Assessments of the meridians in the face and relate these to the reproductive systems