Dougans International Magnetic Healing

Comprehensive scientific studies have already proven the medical effect of pulsating electromagnetic fields

The Dougans International Magnetic Healing is a powerful complementary device that helps to restore depleted magnetic energy levels in the body and maintain good health by stimulating the biochemistry of the body. The magnetic energy is absorbed in the blood due to the iron content contained by the haemoglobin. This causes the blood vessels to expand, enhancing blood circulation and the flow of nutrition (food & oxygen) to all cells in the body. The elimination of toxins is improved and the pH levels of the blood, cells, tissues and hence the body’s organs are restored. This balanced environment optimises the functioning of all body organs allowing the body to heal itself.

Magnetic Healing produces astonishing results and can be used as a stand-alone treatment or as support to Reflexology, Acupuncture and/or other alternative therapies. Physiotherapists have also experienced positive and fast results using the Magnetic Healing on various sport injuries such as ankle and knee sprains.